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logo_abavas_ielejas_attistibas_centrs.jpgAssociation „Abava Valley Development Centre” is registered on 5 February 2003 and initially it was recognized as public organization ARDIC (abbreviation from English – Abava Rural Development and Information Centre). The authors of the establishment were Overjisele province in the Netherlands and Latvian Fund for Nature, but developers were the biggest municipalities, where the nature park is located – Kandava, Sabile, Gibuli, and Renda.

Nature park „The Abava Ancient River Valley” (“Abavas senleja”) is specially protected area (14 933 ha) from Kandava to the estuary of the river Abava in the river Venta. It is also a territory of Natura 2000 – place for plants and animals and their habitats that are rare and endangered in Europe. Restricted area – the marsh Cuzi (Cuzu purvs) with total territory of 96 ha is located in the nature park.

The society „Abava Valley Development Centre” is established by Kandava County, which is located in the nature park “The Abava Ancient River Valley”, as well as by residents and entrepreneurs.

The aims of the society are:

  • promote preservation of biological diversity
  • promote tourism development
  • promote conservation and renewal of fish resources
  • promote development of organic farming
  • promote preservation of ecologically clean environment
  • educate managers and employees of enterprises, connected with rural development
  • develop cooperation among members of the Association
  • promote information exchange, summarization and distribution
  • promote implementation of environment-friendly technologies
  • promote healthy lifestyle
  •  promote preservation of cultural heritage
  •  other activities and tasks, which are not contrary to activity by-laws of the Association

From 2003 until nowadays the Association has implemented projects, which promote environment protection and development of entrepreneurship in the nature park „ The Abava Ancient River Valley”. It is done together with local municipalities and residents, as well as with Nature Conservation Agency, Latvian Fund for Nature, the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Administration, European Social Fund, and joint stock company “Latvijas valsts mezi”.

The greatest projects – constructed office building, implemented wetland maintenance and protection measures, implemented project “Strengthening the capacity of NGO and municipalities of Abava valley” for the development of European Social Fund provided activities, implemented tourism development plan for the nature park „ The Abava Ancient River Valley”, establishment of nature conservation plan for restricted area “The marsh Cuzi”, constructed and located information stands about the nature park “The Abava Ancient River Valley” within the framework of project „Environment of Abava”, renewed viewing area at Greili hill…

A map and a brochure about the nature park “The Abava Ancient River Valley”, and three issues of the newspaper “Abava Valley News” has been issued for the first time in the history. Each year the Association organizes cleanup of Abava River from Kandava to Renda, provides interviews in the television and radio, organizes experience Exchange seminars and tours, welcomes delegations from other regions and countries.

The Association has participated in work of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Administration Advisory Council; it has the representative in the society „Kandava Partnership”, international organization for organic agriculture „Avalon”, and Advisory Council of Venta River basin.

The Association has its own office building in 1b Kurorta Str., Kandava. Kandava Tourism Information Centre and waiting room for buses also are located in this building.

The Board of Administration consisting of 7 people decides upon activities of the Association:

Iveta Piese, chairwoman of the Board of Administration – private, Kandava, Kandava County.

Baiba Strazdina, member of the Board – representative of Latvian Fund for Nature, Riga,

Baiba Vitolina, member of the Board – representative of Kandava County Council,

Andris Dzerve, member of the Board – private, representative of farm „ Drubazas”, Abava parish, Talsi County,

Maris Lacis, member of the Board – private, Sabile, Talsi County,

Karlis Krumins, member of the Board – private, Matkule parish, Kandava County.

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Kūrortu iela 1b, Kandava, Tukuma novads, Latvija, LV-3120
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